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Global Impact

The good that happens when

people connect on eBay

The good

that happens

when people

connect on


Opportunity For All Enabling everyone to participate in—and benefit from—global commerce

Margarita makes and sells oak barrels. Beautiful, personalized barrels that people buy to age liquor or use as home décor. A former software engineer at a large multinational company, Margarita knows firsthand the challenges women in Mexico can face in the workforce. She opened her own ecommerce business in 2009. Today she employs 17 people in Jalisco, Mexico, and is committed to bringing more women into her business. As she grows her business, she’s also giving back—helping support her local community through global ecommerce.

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Number of sellers benefiting from eBay’s platform in the U.S.

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Annual growth rate of established eBay sellers compared to the annual GDP in most major developed markets

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Percentage of eBay’s small and medium business sellers that export to other countries

Circular Economy Giving products the chance to have many lives and serve many people

Kenny loves the 1970s—and the 1980s, too. He’s been restoring classic Japanese cars from these decades for the past 16 years. That’s longer than Kenny’s been able to drive. Replicating and modifying these cars in authentic Japanese style isn’t just fueling Kenny’s passion for cars, it’s fueling a circular economy. Kenny is no stranger to the circular life of parts. In his last job he remanufactured car parts—diagnosing, repairing and restoring parts to perform as good as new. Today, he uses eBay to find the authentic parts he needs to keep these classic Japanese cars on the road for many more decades to come.

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Amount of e-waste avoided through preowned phone sales in the U.S. and U.K. in 2016

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C02e saved through the sale of preowned clothing in the U.S. and U.K. in 2016

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Number of Apple iPhone 6 units that found new owners within 90 days of the next model release

eBay For Charity Supporting your favorite causes when you buy and sell

Amid the stacks of motherboards, processors, chips, print drivers, touchscreens, and more—Marco found his confidence. He lost his sight in 2005 at age 17, and came to the Blind Center of Nevada in 2009. Here he met other blind and visually impaired people who inspired him to embrace his new life without sight. Today he disassembles computers and electronics that become renewed products through recycling and refurbishment. The products are sold on eBay for Charity—where 100 percent of the proceeds benefit the organization so it can continue its work renewing hope, independence and greatness in others.

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Raised every minute for charitable causes by eBay buyers and sellers

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Funds raised through eBay High Profile Charity Campaigns in 2016

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Total funds raised by eBay for Charity since 2003

Commerce as a force for good

Responsible Business

Behaving responsibly, ethically and sustainably in all areas of our business

eBay Foundation

Empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and building vibrant and sustainable communities